Valuees Solution Inc, a great website and free access content blog, which aims to provide anyone from the Internet free up to date resources as much as possible.

Who are we?

First of all, we are a new comer to the digital world, which was just established in September, 2010. Although Valuees is a fresher of the game, we have a very big ambitious approach because we would like to change the way of Internet Resources Providing.

Did you still remember the first few years when the Internet was emerging in the 20th Century?

It’s no doubt that those years must be the best time of the Internet Age when almost everything online was free to access. During that time, thousands of companies were offering good quality services and amazing resources around the web all at free of charge basis, the only thing they asked for return was regular website visitors. In order to achieve this simple goal, they would do almost everything to seduce you guys.

However, the Internet “honey moon” was over when we came to the new century. Nowadays, you could find the same amount or even more online companies are eager to promote their paid products or services instead of free ones that they offered before. Meanwhile, free to obtain resources are getting more and more difficult to catch.

The nightmare may carry on year after year, even worse is that the search engine doesn’t work as good as before, the paid service provider always comes first whatever you are searching. Besides, more and more resources are becoming exclusive to the registered member only, no longer like the period when the Internet resource is open to anybody online.

Valuees Goal:

We are a few of students, who come from University of Birmingham in United Kingdom. The main reason for us to make this website is that we found it becomes more and more difficult to find some useful information around the web in recent years. Sometimes you might need to spend a whole day or even longer on looking for something you are interested in due to a lot of search results are meaningless when you submit your keywords query through the main search engine such as Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com.

Perhaps that’s why some people start relying on other resources such as social networks, forums and weblogs to get what they need, not totally rely on the search engine anymore, though search engines are still the main method to find information on the Internet.

Of course, we are not going to blame the company, who is continuously reforming from everything for the user to more focus on its own profit and share price. After all, everyone has his right to do something he believesĀ  that it is the right thing to do.

However, under these circumstance, some Internet rubbish which is offering nothing except advertisement still has great chance to become popular as long as it has massive investment on the Internet Marketing while some really good ones are falling due to short of marketing money.

But, do you really want something like this ? Our answer is no, of course.

Therefore, we planed to establish a website with something we believe are useful for our readers to share on no cost basis. Furthermore, we don’t even ask for a membership, so readers don’t need to register their information on Valuees except they are going to make a commence.

Nevertheless, we are not rich guys, Valuees can not do everything free for our loyalty readers. Therefore, we choose webmaster resources section to focus on, and we believe all contents gathered by Valuees could be useful forĀ  fresh website owners.

The value of Valuees Blog:

Through the entire blog articles and free resources which we are providing for you to download at free of charge, Valuees is going to share its knowledge and experience regarding how to build a WordPress powered website or blog without paying any penny. Valuees Blog will continuously share free WordPress knowledge, free logo and banner templates, and late on we will also publish free flash ad templates for you to make your website look beautiful and professional.

As far as we have known, all above resources we mentioned are essential for any webmaster to build a professional looking website or weblog. Usually these contents could cost you hundreds even thousands of US dollars to order from other paid companies, but in here, Valuees offers you everything in free, not even ask for a free membership.

Free stuff is always sweet, isn’t it? That’s the value we are eager to achieve through daily operation.

Help Us to spread the word:

If you are really like our free contents, please help us to spread the word across the Internet. We are not supported by a huge “money burning machine”. Therefore, we are kindly ask every reader to share our content with other people who don’t even know we exist by taking advantage of our social networks sharing button if you believe it is useful. Thanks in advance !!!

Our Community members:

At the present, we just have three volunteers work for the Valuees. They are as the following:

swoodhouse profile

Hi, everyone, I am Stephen Woodhouse, article editor of this blog. Please don’t listen to me except others are fooling you.


Good or Bad, you are the only one to find out. The fact is that you are fully capable of choosing your own destiny, the only question is which path will you go. - Peter Harrison, the other article editor of Valuees.


Ever dreamed about free website design, tired of duplicated templates. OK. In here you could get a lot of free graphic designs and their source files which enable you to make them unique.

Do it by yourself based on our designed graphic source file, have fun and enjoy it. – Ming, Valuees domain owner and web graphic designer.

That’s all about us. If you would like to have more info, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Get In Touch details.

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